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                                 from a Criminal Defense and Real Estate Attorney

When you need an attorney, contact Robert C. Allen, criminal defense and real estate attorney in Pensacola, Florida, also specializing in family law. Robert has 18 years of legal experience, so he knows his way around a courtroom. When you need help, rely on Robert C. Allen, a civil and criminal attorney.

Criminal Defense
If you have been charged with a crime in Florida, whether you are innocent or not, you need aggressive representation to protect your constitutional rights. Though always prepared to take your case to trial, Robert will aggressively plea bargain so long as doing so is in your best interests. He handles a wide range of misdemeanors and felonies, including:

Traffic Violations • DUI • Drug Offenses • Sex Crimes

Court, Real Estate Attorney in Pensacola, FL
Family Law, Adoption, and Probate
Family law is one of Robert C. Allen's specialties. He handles all matters related to or arising out of family disputes, including:
 • Simple Divorce
 • Child Custody 
 • Adoption Proceedings
 • Visitation Disputes
 • Child Support Matters
 • Establishing Guardianship 
 • Legal Name Change
Gavel, Real Estate Attorney in Pensacola, FL

Real Estate Attorney
Are you looking to purchase real estate? Call on Robert C. Allen to assist all your property transfers. He is a real estate attorney and title agent and is qualified overseeing any real estate purchase. Contact him today to learn more about this service.

Call family law, criminal, and real estate attorney Robert C. Allen at (888) 674-6292 in Pensacola, Florida, to get the help you need settling disputes and buying land.